Next-Generation Cybersecurity

Spotlight: Next-Generation Cybersecurity

Are you concerned with the recent phenomenon of ransomware-based cyber attacks? Now would be a good time to discuss our diverse next-generation cybersecurity solutions that can offer your organization complete, adaptive and scalable network protection.

We are very interested in meeting with you to discuss the various solutions we offer.  We can also offer a FREE security assessment report* for you business through one of our technology partners.

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Guy-Marie Joseph

Here are some additional resources on recent cybersecurity threats:

Guy-Marie Joseph

Security Lifecycle Review

A comprehensive report unique to your organization.

2017 Cybersecurity Predictions

The Year We Get Serious About IoT Security

2017 Cybersecurity Predictions

Successful Ransomware Attack Causes Critical Infrastructure Downtime

Top 12 Cybersecurity Predictions

From leading Cybersecurity Experts


USA & Canada Detections¹

56% of “ransomware” attacks detected in USA & Canada.

1. Source Microsoft | Ransomware | Top 10 countries (December 2015 to May 2016)


ICS Organizations unaware of system breaches²

52% of respondents reported “Not that we know of” when asked if their network had ever been infected or infiltrated.

2. Source SANS 2016 State of ICS Security Survey

Active Malware Families³

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